Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 Months Old

I really can't believe it's true...my sweet baby girl is 3 months old now! She is getting so fun...smiling at us ALL the time...trying her hardest to laugh. She thinks I'M hilarious! Ha! And a chatterbox!!! Whoo! I love hearing all the sounds she makes and her expressions are hilarious when she concentrates on hearing her own voice. She loves her hands and can't get them out of her mouth. The other day I came home from work one morning and put her in the pack and play to play and then fall asleep. I put a rattle in there for her to look at and touch...next thing I know she picked it up and carried it ALL the way to her mouth!!! I know....but I'm so impressed....it's the little things! I haven't had a chance to take her 3 month pics yet with working full time and Casey starting a new job and of course...Molls! They will be on here soon though!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's off to work I go....Now that I have you singing our great Dwarfs. You're welcome! That's right...*sniff*...I went back to work last week. Working three 12 hours nights a week is going to be an adjustment. Goodbye sleep! I'll miss you! Casey's doing great with her...not getting much sleep however but they're having precious Daddy/Daughter time! It was the hardest thing ever! Saying goodbye to my sweet Molly through tears and kisses. I kissed her so much she moved away from me! Ha! I cried most of the way there...but was welcomed with open arms by my sweet coworkers. They kept me laughing and distracted all night. I'm surprised I remembered what to do! And so far work has been a doosy! 28 week triplets, in utero strokes, diaphramatic hernias....after having one of your own...your perspective really changes when you have to take care of sick babies...full term when the parents think everything;s normal going into delivery. What a horrible shock. It's hard and I feel so terrible for them. Some will take home a developmentally challenged baby while others may not get the chance to do that. I just think about how blessed I am. God gave us a beautiful, healthy, perfect little girl which could have easily been different. I've come home every morning and hugged her so tightly thanking God for her.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Photoshoots are a must!

In the process of saving money, but still wanting to capture every last cute thing Miss Lady does I've been having little photo sessions. I got a Nikon D40 last year for my birthday so that I could learn how to take professional pictures and a year later I'm finally learning how. I'm still researching ideas, tricks, and tips professionals use so any ideas would be great!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Merry Christmas

We had a great 1st Christmas with Molly. It was definitely bittersweet being the 1st without my Dad too and having to adjust to our new normal. We had a great and special time with my family and then headed to Alabama after Christmas to hang out with Casey's family. Now we can relax at home and get back into our routine.

Molly turned 2 months old December 23! She's a big 9 lbs 4 oz. I guess she's just going to be petite! The doctor wasn't concerned so I guess I shouldn't worry. As a mother, you want to make sure your child is getting fed well and seeing how that's my sole responsibility...I want to see her grow grow grow! She's starting to really smile and coo at us. At first she just did this in the morning when she was so happy. Now it's all day long...she even tricks us by crying...then we go in her room and "Smile"! I LOVE when she looks into my eyes and then gives my a big open mouth grin. She wants to talk so bad...I have a feeling we're gonna have a chatterbox on our hands!

There's LOTS of pictures....so beware!

All dressed up for Murphy's first birthday party!
That girl could eat some cake! No trouble there!!

I went to work to see all my sweet friends and of course have Mollsy loved on!

You can't see but Aunt Brooke let Molly borrow her button. "Vote Santa Clause"

Finally enjoying her bath!

My little reindeer!

This was my Christmas gown when I came home from the hospital at 2 days old!

Murph's ready to open this BIG BOX!

First Family Christmas

Look what Santa brought in my stocking!

She's super excited about the Christmas bear!


These were her 2 month pictures and there's too many good ones not to share!

This face cracks me up!

Visiting The Colson's

The popular new addition!

Before they're 3 mile run!! Ha!

After a very long run!

Are you pictured out now?? This is what happens when I only blog once a month! My New Year's Resolution is to update more often!!