Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Deeper Still

I went to Nashville this weekend with Brooke, Valerie, and Mary Catherine. We went to the Deeper Still conference to hear Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, and Priscilla Shirer. Can I just say....amazing! Each speaker brought something different and the way God spoke through them how can anyone deny him. Their study was based on David and how God directed his life. To be honest...my relationship with Christ has really benn non-existent lately. Satan had really got a hold and tempted me away from God. I didn't even want to go this weekend and now I know it was the enemy trying to keep me from running back to God. It's amazing how easily swayed you are when you aren't in the Word and talking with Christ everyday. I mean....you hope that you're showing people you work with the something different you have....but when you join in to the gossip fest or laugh at horrible worldly stories...I was not separating myself from the world. God showed me this weekend how lovingly he accepts you back, how I need to obediently follow his guidance and direction and not plan my life myself, and simply spend more time with Him getting to know Him more. Please pray that as I come down from this mountaintop experience I continue to deepen my relationship with God and follow his direction. Pray that God opens doors at work to share about him. Pray that Casey and I can find a church to get involved in. I'm pouring my heart out more than I normally do but what kind of friends are we if we can't share hard personal times as well. Thanks for listening. I'm so pumped about what God's going to do in our lives and I can't wait to go Deeper Still.

Monday, September 03, 2007

New Blog Alert!

Just wanted to let ya'll know there's a new blog in town. The one and only Bassett family doing their blog in style.....the only way they know how! Check 'em out. There's a link on our friends list and be sure to watch the video.