Monday, November 08, 2010

The All Famous Cake Smash

During all the birthday festivities, I forgot to post the famous cake smashing picture. Of course she was very dainty at first but then dug RIGHT in once she realized it was cake! The girl LOVES her some carbs.

My little squirt!

Friday, October 29, 2010

One Year Ago...

If you haven't figured it out yet...I'm big on anniversaries, numbers, and how they intertwine. For cool would it have been to have THIS birthday (10/10/10 at 10:10)???

We've had a BIG anniversary around here. Our sweet Molly was born one year ago on the 23rd. How fast time flies. I have to remind myself to stop with the busy things in life and enjoy her now while she's still a baby. The dishes can wait for a minute. Sitting her on my lap and watching her learn new things like how to say book, moo like a cow can't and will be missed out on if I distract myself. She truly is such a joy and so happy. The moment she came into this world will be one I will never forget. That dark brown curly hair, the squished up face, her popeye look every time she ate. She ate and slept and snuggled...all 7 lbs 7 oz.

Now...12 months later...she's:

18 lbs 7 oz and 27 3/4 inches long--a little bitty but a loud personality
Saying: Momma, Da Da, Book, Ba Ba, Baby, Moo, and Ruff Ruff
Sleeping 2 2-hour naps and 12 hours at night
Loves books, singing (pretty well if I may brag a little), her baby, Mickey Mouse, giraffes, and Abby (from Sesame Street), and emptying out EVERTHING she can get her hands on.
Doesn't like to be cuddled-would rather explore the world freely but will sit in your lap if there's a book around (or a computer!)
Loves to eat: CARBS! Waffles and muffins are her fav as well as bananas, sweet potatos, green beans, and spinach.

What a perfect little blessing you are in our lives Molly.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Picture Perfect

We've been having tons of fun lately. Most of it has been here at home, but playing and relaxing with our little one is the best. Casey and I took Molly to the pumpkin farm near our house with my sister, Ginger and her kids Zack and Murphy. We rode on a hayride, petted a calf, cheered on a pig race, got lost in a corn maze, and picked a pumpkin of course! Molls had the best time.

We're also busy planning her 1st birthday already! How did this little lady grow up so fast??This time last year was a whole wide range of emotions.

Grief, sadness, and shock over my Dad passing away.
Nervousness and anxiety about delivering my first child and the unknowns that come with that.
Relief that Molly was delivered healthy and safe and perfect.
Excitement and joy about becoming a mother and the unconditional loving bond that brings.

This year has been a whirlwind. God has shown me how to trust in Him and give everything I have for His glory. What a comforting, peaceful, merciful, gracious God we serve.

And now a gaze into our lives this past month with our crazy girl.....

Molly and her dog bones! As I was preparing her Halloween costume (can't tell ya yet!) she grabbed these and off she went...just like a pet I used to know!

SOMEBODY'S ready to go skiing!

Little Missy's SO proud of herself....she's starting to walk more and more these days. And I'm sure by her birthday I'll be chasing her everywhere.

One of our favorite things. Reading and feeding is pretty much the only time she'll cuddle with me...that girl's gotta move! So it's nice to have relaxing moments like this.

Yup....learned how to crawl in the dishwasher! I was washing dishes and normally she's laying flat across (a video I MUST post) and finger painting with water but today I looked down and in 2 seconds she went from finger painting to sitting in the dishwasher. Too cute!

Somebody has 2 teeth!

Here's our Pumpkin Farm pics.

My big hunk of a man!

This next one is such a precious moment for me. It's amazing how much changes in a year. Molly was in my belly the last time I was here. She was moving all over while I was looking at the flowers on my dad's and grandparents graves and taking pictures (of course) when Molly stopped to look at the flowers. I'm curious if Daddy was talking to her or singing to her. I don't know if it's possible, but I'd like to think sweet, innocent children can hear our angels above.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Walking Miss Molly

Well...our little lady has taken her first steps! She's learning how to waddle around this world and is loving her new skill.

(Tip: Make sure your volume is on to get the full effect!!)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick Pics

I just wanted to share some pics of my girl. Miss Molly is cruising everywhere...if she could just let go of that one finger of ours...we'd have a walker amongst us. She is the sweetest little ray of sunshine in my life. One smile from that happy face and all my worries disappear. And those blue eyes....sigh...

Daddy putting me to bed...she sure does love him.

This is one of my two loves.

It used to be so much easier getting these monthly pictures!

Disney World! We went with my sister and her kiddos and my mom.

So these were Molly's 9 month portraits I took. Of course...just now getting to post them. I think they turned out so beautiful! I know there's a lot but I think each one is special and was having a hard time narrowing them down.

Hee Hee!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Day in the Life...

(BEWARE: You are about to be bombarded with pictures! WARNING: Take your time so as to not overload yourself) :)

Things of course have been crazy around here. Casey started teaching this past week and is busy getting art lessons ready. I'm so proud of him....he's worked so hard and sacrificed a lot to get where he is today. God has truly blessed us with a great job for Casey when they are very hard to come by.

And this little one....

Well...the picture speaks for itself. Molly is everywhere!! That girl could not sit still if her life depended on it. She is 9 months old now and loves to crawl and pull up on everything. Her new favorite spot of course....the seat under the end table! She thinks it's her hiding spot and nobody knows where she is. Hee Hee.

She had her first steps on the beach. Little Lady loved the sand and waves crashing over her feet but would always get sooo sleepy hearing the waves. She thinks it's time for bed when she hears that sound.

This just cracks me up. Grammy (Casey's mom) was putting her down for a nap while we were at the beach and could not get her to lay down. She passed out like this! Ha! Talk about flexibility.

We were able to spend the weekend with the Bassett's and she loved playing "jail"!

Miss Molly is such a little jokester. She can make the funniest faces. I can't imagine what kind of craziness she will come up with in the future.

And the girl LOVES books. I'm so thankful that she loves to be read too and will hopefully enjoy this for the rest of her life. We trying to familiarize her with the alphabet so I bought these cute little letter books and you'll can tell from the expression....she LOVES them!

Molly and I were able to hang out with 2 of my very good high school friends a few weeks ago. We recently reconnected over none other than facebook and got together for lunch after 11 years!! We all three had baby girls within the last year. Molls had so much fun playing with Macie and Avery and was actually the big girl for once!

In her spare time between bottles, baby food, books, and naps. She likes to create little mischief. Her other new fav place....the tupperware cabinet!! *Sigh* This actually keeps her occupied while I get a few things done in the kitchen. I think I see a chef in our near future.
Besides sticking her hands in the fireplace and being covered in soot (ahem...a task she completed as I left the room for 5 seconds!) she explores the bookshelves....the refrigerator...the computer (which she doesn't like to hear no)...the dog bowl and crate. She so stinkin' cute...and exhausting!