Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our Summer So Far

We've had a great summer so far. Of course...Casey's been really busy with summer school. He's taking 3 compact classes in 7 weeks. Besides work and school...we've been able to see some friends and we're going to Orlando in August. Yea!!! We can't wait to relax and get away from busy life for a week! Here are some pics of our summer so far! There are A LOT of take a break if you need to!! Hee...Hee!

Out to dinner before the Braves Game

The Braves Game!! We won!

Valerie, Brooke, and me and Six Flags
for Atlanta Fest

Waiting for Third Day!!!

Hanging at Kai and Lisa's last weekend. We're
playing a little Balderdash.

The Skogman fam came over for breakfast and I got to meet
Jasper for the 1st time!!

Casey trying not to be freaked out holding Jasper!

He's a newbie!

Look at that cute face!!

The Jasper Hot Dog!!!

Aren't they cute?!?

I couldn't turn this pic around, but what a cute smile!

He's so sweet! I couldn't stop taking pictures of him!

Jasper's first roller coaster ride!

Jasper loves the ladies!

MC came to visit us too!!!

I'll try and be better with more blogs!! Hope everyone's having a great summer!!

edit from casey: Here is an animation I made. They actually make urinal mats like this with a little rubber ball hanging from the net .. that kinda bounces in and out if your aim is true.