Thursday, August 17, 2006

We've Been Tagged think you know people until you find out what's in their closet or freezer. This is actually fun to see what people have so here goes:


1. Ground Hamburger
2. Ice Cubes for Chloe
3. Bread
4. Popsicles
5. 1/3 of Einstein's Cryogenically Frozen Brain which Casey has not yet figured out how to install


1. Games ( like Friends Trivia, Cards, and Poker Chips)
2. Coats
3. Vacuum Cleaner
4. Painted Gord for decoration in the fall
5. Medievel Short Sword (no really!!)

FIVE THINGS IN OUR CAR: (there are a lot more than 5!)

1. Cds (including Clay Aiken....yes Jenny I'm on the bandwagon too!)
2. 20 Questions handheld game
3. Sunglasses
4. Umbrella
5. Roadside Emergency Kit (including flares...oh yeah!!)


1. Advil
2. Bath & Body Works Cottonblossum lotion
3. Northside Hospital badge
4. Chapstick (never leave home without it!)
5. Calender

Ummm....let's see...who's left? We tag Hugh and Hollie...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ladies in the house....I need HELP!!! Casey is doing some yard work yesterday and he finds a family of black widow spiders. That's fine and I think to myself sas he's telling me this "ok you stomped on them and now they're dead!" NOPE!!! Think again! When I get home this morning....he's got a BLACK WIDOW in a mason jar with holes punched in the top. He says...."but I want to keep it as a pet!" WHAT!?! Right now as I'm typing....this creepy....long legged....not to mention poisnous spider is staring at me. What is with men and spiders? Josh had pet spiders and now Casey has joined the bandwagon. I feel like they're crawling all over me. And I get to go to bed with it IN MY HOUSE!!! I'm going to have dreams of spiders on me all day!! Please help me convince him to get rid of it and that ONE pet is enough! If it's not gone when I wake up....I'm afraid Ms. Widow is going to meet a grave end.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fantasy Football

Please show this entry to the football fans in your household. We are recruiting for the 2nd annual Virtual Beatdown Fantasy Football League. It's real easy to play .. that is.. if you can pass this quiz.

1. The purpose of these pants: (best answer)

A. To look sexy.
B. For protection.
C. Bladder control.
D. All of the above.

2. What is this? (best answer)

A. Pigskin
B. Chew Toy
C. Bladder Control
D. Handbag

3. Who is this?

A. Carlos Santana
B. Nehring, Joanna
C. Eatta Mylanta
D. Prospero Fontana
E. None of the Abovana

4. What are these men doing?

A. Enjoying a rock concert.
B. Blocking a kick.
C. Enjoying a Kai Bash
D. Who cares, change the channel.

5. This is:

A. Pro Wrestling Suplex
B. Pass Interference
C. Completely Unnecessary
D. Bladder Control

Last year Eric won the Fantasy league despite valiant efforts by Kai, Stephen, and me to stop him. This year we want new recruits to join us in our efforts. It really only takes a few minutes a week to stay competitive and I will be sending a handmade plaster Lombardi Trophy to the winner. You get to name your team and design a logo if you want. It makes watching the games a bit more fun and it's FREE!
So, if you answered:

1. B
2. A
3. E
4. B
5. B

Please click on this LINK and remember the password is: splashischam

If the link doesn't work you can go to

league name: Virtual Beatdown
password: splashischam

that is splashischamp with NO "p" at the end. I know that it would have been much easier to remember if it still had a "p". I'm not sure how that happened, Stephen mentioned that the password field may have been limited and that the lack of a "p" is a simple result of my inattention to detail, but make no mistake that the "p" is not at the end of the password that starts with "splashischam". The easiest way to remember this is think about splashischamp and then remove the "p" from the end. Otherwise you will have splashischamp and the password will be incorrect. If you type in splashischamp .. and it says the password is wrong.. do not start trying splashischimp or splashischump.. simply remove the "p" and you will be accepted into the league.

PS The password is:splashischam