Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloweenie Dogs

Yeah, it's a silly holiday. Not to be taken seriously. We had a record number of trick or treaters this year. Most notably was my newphew Zack... I mean.. Lord Darth Vader. Strangely enough, the infamous sith lord was accompanied by a beautiful young lady (Ginger, my sister-in-law) and 3 halloweenie dogs. I thought it was hilarious.. I mean scary how vader gets red eye when you use a flash.

Since Kelly and I don't have any children.. and our friends never throw Halloween parties for some reason. (Maybe we can work on that next year).. we really have no reason to buy costumes or anything. However, my mother-in-law loves our dog so much that she went out and bought a pumpkin outfit for her. Chloe acts like she really likes it. Kelly was working all night, so I was home to hand out candy alone. I bought almost $20 worth of candy and I promise you it's all gone. Except for one handfull in the bowl.. that I was saving for that one creepy 19 year old guy that comes up to your door at 11pm even though your lights are out. I hope you guys had a fun/safe Halloween.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Bare Fisted Texas Hold Em' Champion

Every year some friends get together at Darrell Skogman's for the Bare Fisted Texas Hold Em' Championship. Daniel Tritt, the reigning champ had won 2 out of the 3 tournaments held. It was just Daniel and me left at the table after 9 other guys (and a girl) had been eliminated. On the final hand they both were "all in" after the flop. It was basically even with Casey as the chip leader by only a tiny margin. Casey had a pair of aces with a seven and Daniel had a pair of kings with a four.
Darrell had been dealing the whole night after punking out early. Only two cards left to fall. As long as Daniel didn't get a 4 or a king... Casey would be the new champion. Darrell put down a four to give Daniel "2 pair" on the turn and the house went bananas. It was a good thing the women and children were all safe over at the Tritt's house next door. Only the river card left to flip over .. everybody knew Daniel would be etching his name on the trophy for a 3rd time. The unthinkable miracle had already taken place... lightning never strikes tw.... wait.. what's that card?!?! Darrell dropped a seven giving Casey a higher "2pair".. giving the tournament an ending that the World Poker Tour would salivate over.
Later, after a corny reenactment for the girls, it is rumored that Daniel shouted threats at the new champion and his wife as he pulled away from the premises. "Enjoy it because you won't have it long!"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Renewable Energy

I guess the only thing holding the US back from taking advantage of an unlimited supply of renewable energy are the political lobbyists in Washington. Oil and auto companies are rich right now, and they have a firm hold on our politicians. I was thinking about underwater wheels that take advantage of ocean currents as a source of energy. I thought it might be a new idea, but apparently it's been done since the 1700's. The NEW way to harness power from the ocean is brilliant. They have these things called wavefarms. Basically a wavefarm consists of giant flexible tubes that take the kenetic energy from the waves and convert it into electricity. 472 square miles of ocean could power the entire United Kingdom! That's amazing. Mix these ocean powers with solar power and we can change to a world that uses mainly renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels. We need to do some research and find a way to invest in whoever has the patent.

self portrait in photoshop