Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthdays and Hairdos's official...I have a new Mommy hairdo. With these vitamins and pregnancy my hair looked like the girl from Rumpelstilskin! Ha! So...I got it all chopped feels SO good short!

And it's also Casey's 33rd Birthday!! Happy Birthday Sweetheart! We celebrated this weekend with the fam since I have to work tonight. Be sure to give him calls and well wishes!

30 Weeks preggers....I'm a little late....I'm 31 and 3 days now! How can my belly get ANY bigger??? I'm afraid!

Had to post a pic of Chloe...she told me it's been a while since she's been on the World Wide Web!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby Shower

I had my first baby shower yesterday. It was SO fun! Thanks Brooke, MC, Val, and Christine! We got lots of great goodies for Molly to enjoy in the near future. A bathtub I'll have to learn to use and a pack and play I'll need another college degree to figure out!

My sister Ginger and Murphy

Val, MC, Me, (Molly), Brooke, Christine

Ginger, Murphy, and my mom
Yep...we played the baby food game! Eeeck! How do they eat this stuff!

Murph watching Aunt Kelly opens presents for Molly

I just love this picture of on to see his eyes. So funny! He loves that cloth diaper!

Christine and Luke

The boys...Luke and Baxter. Aren't they sweet?

Luke was giving Baxter a love tap and Baxter was all boy...tongue sticking out and all!

Sweet baby Luke

And of course....this is what I've resorted my family too! Even Chloe's freezing! I HAVE to have the air on AND fans going at all times or I'm not a very nice person! Hee Hee!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

28 Weeks!!

I turned 28 weeks on Monday so here's some pics of the growing peanut. She's a little bouncing bean....I think she's invites all her friends to have a little party in my belly at times. Actually she really seems laid back and has pretty specific times when she's awake. I hope that continues on the outside!

Here's Casey at 28 weeks pregnant!! Hee Hee!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hodge Podge

July has been a busy month for us....we went to Pensacola with my family over July 4th. ALL 12 of us! Then destroyed our house with some remodeling projects.....Then went to Tennessee for a family reunion/baby shower and THEN went to the farm (Casey's parents) for a visit and baby shower. Phew! 

I know I haven't posted a belly pic in a while so here's a few. I'm 28 weeks now and this pregnancy is FLYING by! I can't believe in 12 weeks we get to hold our baby girl....who yes...STILL doesn't have a name. We're getting very close to a decision though! I'm still getting sick and have just come to the realization that this little drama queen is going to make me puke until 40 weeks! She must like the motion of vomiting or something! :) Casey said he's going to give her a spanking as soon as he sees her~hee hee! Sometimes the Zofran works and sometimes I don't take it in time but it's only temporary....thank the Lord!'s a hodge podge of pictures and more to come! I'll take a 28 week picture today...I'd just rather not do it with frizzy hair and work clothes! The carpet got installed yesterday so we're putting our humpty dumpty house back together again!

We had a leak a our roof a while back that soaked the floor and ruined the drywall in our office, so Casey and his dad (Thank you Larry!!!) replaced half a they ripped the carpet out, painted, AND  installed crown molding at the ceiling which is BEE-utiful! The Colsons came for a weekend and were insane power workers!! They painted the office/guest room, nursery, and guest once Linda got started painting she couldn't stop!! Now...our back door, front column and trim, AND a bookshelf for the nursery are beautiful and white!!

Casey going to war with the dry wall

How many Colsons does it take to hang up a light fixture?? Hee Hee!

Baby Showers
My mom and sister and the Tennessee baby shower...I'm 26 weeks here.

This is at the Colson's parents came over for the weekend with us. It was So fun!
This is a blanket and booties that Casey's Grandma made. They're beautiful!!

Grandma also made a pink cake for the baby girl!! It was SOOO yummy!!

Apparently...this is was pregnancy does to you! Man that was a GOOOOD nap!

The power went out for a couple of hours right in the middle of Linda (Casey's mom) making a Thanksgiving like dinner! We ended up cooking the dressing, rolls, and the rest of the turkey on the grill! Ha! It actually worked and was so yummy! The lights came back on in the middle of our candlelit dinner.

It really was dark here....I was using my flashlight expertise so they could make sure the dressing was done! Hee.hee!
Grillin some turkey and dressin....Har Har Har (that's my Tim the tool man Taylor impresssion)

Family and all...before church.

Not sure what's wrong with Casey's eyes....he's not stoned...promise! :) Preggo pic as promised!!

And as always....I have to post some cute pics of Murphy!

Murph trying to wake Aunt Kelly up at 7:00 in the morning!

It was a success!