Friday, June 08, 2007

The Grocery Game

Listen up ladies!! My sister discovered something I wanted to share with ya'll. The Grocery Game can save you LOTS of moola!! If you like saving money, getting GREAT deals, and grocery shopping like I do this game is for you! OK all you have to do is this:

1. Sign up and pay a small fee (which is WELL worth it)
2. Buy a Sunday paper or 2
3. Cut out all the coupons you doesn't take long
4. Print a list (premade for you telling you the best deals you can get with your coupons)
5.Go shopping!
6. Save hundreds of dollars a month......thousands of dollars a year!!

Now I just started, but I'm so excited about all the money we're going to save. My sister, Ginger, has been playing the game a little over a month and she's already saved a couple hundred dollars!! WOW! That got me hooked. How it works is....The Grocery Game has a database that puts all the coupons and sales from grocery stores into it and prints a list that gives you the best deals. Ginger has bought several tubes of toothepaste for 13 cents!!! I bought pudding packs (I know, but I love pudding!) for 8 cents that were reguarly $1 You have to hold on to some of the coupons for a whilte so you can get the best deals. To begin you have to make a stockpile....piling up when the stuff is CHEAP!!! and only buying items that you need then if you can't wait until their cheaper. There are 3 different colored items on the list: Black-items to buy ONLY if you need them that week, Blue- items to buy at their cheapest to build your stockpile, and Green- items that are FREE.....that's right I said FREE!!! The list tells you what coupons to use from which coupon booklet in the newspaper and then you sign up for the store savers like Kroger Plus Card, Ingles Advantage, etc. Now you can add as many stores as you want that are in you area. I'm doing Publix, Kroger, Ingles, Walgreens, and CVS. I pay $30 every 8 weeks to have a variety so I can find the best deals of groceries. I tried to copy a list for you but the website won't let me. Go to to see the lists. But I could copy peoples comments from the message boards....this really sold me!

shelf 2662.44
oop 1000.01 (what they spent....I don't know what OOP is...everybody puts it)
saved 1662.43 or 62.44%

Well thanks to all the great posts here I went to Target todayI got 6 Pantene Shampoos and 6 Pantene Conditioners for .46 each!I also got a Dove pro-age Shampoo and conditioner for .77 eachI got 12 pack lever bar soap for 1.482 Fruit chillers for .32 eachEnfamil 16 sticks each make 1 -4 oz bottle for 2.99 after formula checkand found my baby some pjs they were reg. price bt only 7.99 so not bad and he needed themLeft some coupons for the dpove products for someone to find--haha now that I think about it, it will probably be my sister she was going there after work!

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Saved 3762.00 or 64%

Originally Posted by Admin GroceryGeek
I guess I mention that to remind all of us that savings on food, particularly meat and produce, may not provide us the high savings %'s on our receipts... and while I do love a receipt that says you saved 84%, etc., that our lists do tell us when it is the best time to buy food items, even if they drive our percents saved lower. It it not so much about our %'s as the amount of money we are spending out of pocket - prior and post GG.This is a point that took awhile for me to get. Now I thankfully have a stockpile of food that consists of pretty much only foods we would normally eat. It's hard to embrace the fact that you don't have to shop so much because it's so fun to get a "good deal!"
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Need I write anymore!!! The REALLY good thing about this website is you can trial it for a month for $1.....yep ONE DOLLAR!!! And if you get 3 referrals sign up you get 12 weeks free!! So we could ALL probably get 12 weeks free with referrals. If this is confusing I'm is after midnight! But just go to the will explain EVERYTHING! I'm telling's worth it....even just the $1 trial! I wanted to let ya'll know right away so you can start saving money, but I'll be sure and give you a 1 month update in July!!!

Happy Shopping!!! And SAVING!!!!!