Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lawn Decorations

I thought I'd show ya'll what's been goin' on in our yard. We've got an abundance of fruits and veggies. Yep...that's right, we're official gardeners. This spring we put in a fish pond and a vegetable garden. Well...Casey did most of the labor. Oohhh that boy can dig! He also built our border around the garden. He was out there sawing and drilling or whatever boys do with their tools. It looks awesome. I think his next woodworking project will be something like...an entertainment center!!! Hee...Hee. Anyway...we've got tomatoes out the wazoo and okra, butter peas, bell peppers, AND watermelon. That's right...you read correctly....WATERMELON!! It's spreading all over the place. I wouldn't be surprised if it creeps into our bed at night. That stuff's spreading like wildfire. Feel free to come over for some tomato sandwiches! Yum! Yum!