Sunday, November 22, 2009

People can tell you life with a newborn will change your life....make you sleep deprived...or better yet...make you realize how well you can function on so little sleep when you're used to 12 you true unconditional love...make you protective and self-sacrifice all in just a few weeks. But until you experience life with a newborn you can only go so far with your imagination. When that sweet little girl wraps her entire hand around your finger...when she looks deep into your eyes while you talk to her wanting so badly to know what you're saying...when she smiles even for just a split second even if it IS just's the best! Amazing!

Life is great! There definitely are times of frustration trying to learn what she wants when those cries block all your thought processes. Overall she's a great baby...God has truly blessed us during this extremely difficult time in my life with such a sweet loving daughter. She reminds me so much of my dad...I love watching her sleep with one arm over her head and mouth turned way down just like him. It makes me smile. He would have loved her so much and I hope he's able to watch her grow up from heaven. The holidays are going to be hard, bittersweet, but having Molly will bring us all so much joy. God is working through us....bringing peace and the comfort of knowing my dad is living it up singing to the top of his lungs again at Jesus' feet. It's SO great to know he's not suffering anymore. That he can breathe effortlessly now...he can run all around the streets of gold...he can sing with all the angels and rejoice in that glorious music.

I've been wanting to write a tribute for a couple weeks...but just wanted to say great words about a great man. David Lee Robertson...for whom Molly Lee got her precious name...lived 63 years. Most of those years serving our great Lord through living by example, ministering as Minister of Music for 25 years, and giving as much as he could to anyone he could. He truly was the most giving man I know....never selfish and so patient. A quiet gentle giant who knew EVERYTHING according to his children. He could tell you how to get to some hole in the wall place without a map...he just knew! He could explain taxes, politics, cooking, any subject you could think of so easily. So smart! He loved to cook...when we were little the 5 of us would sit down at the kitchen table to creation after creation. He loved to can...jelly, pickles, pickled okra, and the salsa! Oh..the salsa! Our family could down a jar of that stuff in one sitting! He had such a sense of humor...He would do this bit pretending to be George Squirrel. He would whistle talk about his love Farrah Squirrel (my mom). Every morning on my way home from dad would call me to tell me our dog Chloe had some message for me. She would want me to stop by Dunkin donuts for a powdered donut or that Sassy (my parents) dog was getting on her nerves. He loved his family....loved us all getting together even when he was so sick from chemo or tired from radiation. He just wanted us to be around even when he didn't feel like talking or playing games. Having us there was enough. I'm so thankful the treatments and surgery made him cancer free..that he didn't go through all that in vain. His body was just so weak and he struggled with his lung capacity for 10 years after his by pass surgery. Pneumonia was an unexpected toll on his body he could not recover from. Even though all that is fresh in our minds...the joy of knowing he's at peace and so happy in heaven makes me smile. I am SO glad we both have Jesus as our have the joy and peace I'll see him again when it's my time to go home! We must miss him terribly down here for now!!

My sweet Daddy

Our family minus my brother Jon.


Fox in Socks if borr-ing! How does my hair look Mommy??

Molly meeting her Uncle Jon

Casey's brother and dad over for Thanksgiving

Planting Molly's tree. A cherry tree.
Clearly it was hard work!

Friday, November 13, 2009

2 weeks old

Actually Molly's 3 weeks old today! I'm a little behind on pictures. I can't believe how time has flown...our little baby doll is getting big! Here's a short video of pictures from her 2nd week in the world! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Molly Lee Colson

Well Molly's 2 weeks old already! Time flies by with a newborn with all the feeding, diapering, cuddling, showering, eating, drinking, doesn't leave much time for blogging and picture editing. Here's the video of her 1st week. I worked hard on it so hope you enjoy!