Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Day in the Life...

(BEWARE: You are about to be bombarded with pictures! WARNING: Take your time so as to not overload yourself) :)

Things of course have been crazy around here. Casey started teaching this past week and is busy getting art lessons ready. I'm so proud of him....he's worked so hard and sacrificed a lot to get where he is today. God has truly blessed us with a great job for Casey when they are very hard to come by.

And this little one....

Well...the picture speaks for itself. Molly is everywhere!! That girl could not sit still if her life depended on it. She is 9 months old now and loves to crawl and pull up on everything. Her new favorite spot of course....the seat under the end table! She thinks it's her hiding spot and nobody knows where she is. Hee Hee.

She had her first steps on the beach. Little Lady loved the sand and waves crashing over her feet but would always get sooo sleepy hearing the waves. She thinks it's time for bed when she hears that sound.

This just cracks me up. Grammy (Casey's mom) was putting her down for a nap while we were at the beach and could not get her to lay down. She passed out like this! Ha! Talk about flexibility.

We were able to spend the weekend with the Bassett's and she loved playing "jail"!

Miss Molly is such a little jokester. She can make the funniest faces. I can't imagine what kind of craziness she will come up with in the future.

And the girl LOVES books. I'm so thankful that she loves to be read too and will hopefully enjoy this for the rest of her life. We trying to familiarize her with the alphabet so I bought these cute little letter books and you'll can tell from the expression....she LOVES them!

Molly and I were able to hang out with 2 of my very good high school friends a few weeks ago. We recently reconnected over none other than facebook and got together for lunch after 11 years!! We all three had baby girls within the last year. Molls had so much fun playing with Macie and Avery and was actually the big girl for once!

In her spare time between bottles, baby food, books, and naps. She likes to create little mischief. Her other new fav place....the tupperware cabinet!! *Sigh* This actually keeps her occupied while I get a few things done in the kitchen. I think I see a chef in our near future.
Besides sticking her hands in the fireplace and being covered in soot (ahem...a task she completed as I left the room for 5 seconds!) she explores the bookshelves....the refrigerator...the computer (which she doesn't like to hear no)...the dog bowl and crate. She so stinkin' cute...and exhausting!