Monday, October 15, 2007

Camping Trip

We went camping at Stone Mountain this past weekend. It was SO much fun and perfect weather. My brother and his 3 kids and my sister and her son came with us. It was great just to sit around a fire, talk, and roast hot dogs and marshmallows. The tents were successfully put up by my 2 girl scout nieces who have probably put more tents up than any of us combined. On Saturday...we climb Stone Mountain. Phew...what a workout, but a great accomplishment when we made it to the top! It's so beautiful up there. Our parents came and had supper with us Saturday night but went home to sleep in there warm and comfy bed. We watched the laser show Saturday night, which was freezing but so much fun. My brother's kids had never been to the park so this was an awesome experience for them. Here are some pics!!

My sister Ginger

Casey, Ashlie, and Abigail playin' some poker while....., Ginger, and Jon took a nap!

The bottom of the mountain....ready to hike! niece is taller than me ok!!! She's 13 and is 5'10''!! I don't have a short complex...really.

Taking a break...

Zach got almost to the top and dramatically collapsed on the ground and said "Arghhmm....I...CAN'T....MAKE....IT!"

Halfway point...almost there!

Woah...that was a close one!!

Uncle Casey is so mean!!

How 'bout some gum?? They said it tasted good!!

The parentals!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Who's coming to Goldrush??? We can't wait to hangout and see everybody. I love this time of weather, changing leaves, they holidays approaching! I'm assuming the poker tournament is still on....Casey is the current reigning champion!! Don't worry folks....I'll make him pass it on to the next champ. Anyway...see ya in a few weeks!!

This is a video for all you mom's out's not relevant to my post. I just thought it was funny!