Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Some Beach Fun

I can't believe how quick 2 months go by before you realize how long its been since the last post!! Not much has been going on. Casey's out of school for a month for his summer vacation then starts back to his hectic school schedule in June. I can't believe that this time next year we'll have a college graduate and teacher on our hands. Our lives will be so different. I know Casey is ready to get out!! God has really blessed us and provided during the last few years. I'm so thankful for a great job (even though it's at night) and for Casey to be able to go full time and finish early!! Anyway....we were able to have a quick summer vacation to Destin!! We went with my parents and 85 year old grandparents. It was very relaxing and interesting considering the wide generation gaps. We had a lot of fun laying in the sun, eating yummy seafood, and Casey even tried his hand at deep sea fishing.....he caught a 15 lb grouper!!! There were a lot of pics but here's a few to have a look at.
Isn't Destin beautiful? It looks like the Carribean.

We were on a walk to the beach

Three generations of girls

The boys getting ready for deep sea fishing!

Coming home from a long day. Nobody got sick the first day but Casey and my dad had some tummy trouble the next day. That didn't stop them from catching A LOT of fish though!


Out to dinner

My Grandad's crazy!! Hee-Hee!