Friday, September 22, 2006

Peace in the Middle East

Man, this guy is Dr. Peace. Try to pinpoint the part of the video in which you become uncomfortable.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Crash

Ok...picture this's the middle of the night. Everything's pitch black. The dog's sound asleep....Kelly and Casey are sound asleep....dreaming wonderful, peaceful dreams when all of a sudden......CRASH...THUD...GLASS BREAKING******* loud sounds from the living room made all three of us jump 10 feet off the bed....Casey....the hero that he is runs out of the bedroom, turns the hall light on and as he's banging his fist against the wall to scare whatever made that crash he's yelling, "May I help you?? Get out of my house!!!" in a very scary tone. I....the girl that I frozen standing still in the bedroom...waiting for a gunshot or screaming...something. What seems like forever in silence was only a few seconds...I go down the hall into the living room to find Casey searching the house and theN we spot it.....the picture above the mantle has fallen and a crystal bowl has been shattered all over the floor. Phew!!!! My heart can now get out of my throat and back down to where it belongs. Let me tell think someone is breaking into your house is the most frightening, helpless feeling I have ever had. Casey of course says...he was ready to go in there and I quote, "tear their eyeballs out and slam their head through the wall." My hero!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Casey's Birthday....a little belated!

Here's some pics from Casey's BIG 3-0!! We had so much fun with the people who could come and we missed everyone who couldn't. Check out the pics!!

They love their Falcons and their video games.

Woah!! Where's the fire department???

This was a surprise on our camera! Darrell....we KNOW you did this!!! Poor thing....she's scared to death!