Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More than Half Way

Well...this pregnancy is flying by! Which is good and bad. Good because I know my discomfort will end in 15 weeks! And then our fella will be here. Bad because that just increases my anxiety about preparing for a baby and the thoughts of raising two children barely 2 years apart. *Deep breath*

I'm feeling rather well this time around. I haven't been nauseous or thrown up in over a month. Praise the Lord! With Molly I was sick almost every day until she graced us with her presence. My sciatic nerve doesn't give me too much trouble until the end of the day or if I do too take care of a 21 month old! I'm just so thankful our little boy is growing healthy and strong..and let me tell you. He's strong! For a little 25 weeker..a little over a pound he has some strong movements. It's odd now that I'm so far along I can compare him to my patients at work. It's wonderful to have an idea what he looks like right now, but also I just thank God that he's staying put and growing until full term...all snug and comfy..painfree.

I haven't taken too many belly pics this time much as I said I would. Here's one at 22 weeks. Man..this belly is growing and stretching! I really don't know HOW it can get any bigger over the next 15 weeks!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Summer Fun in the Sun

Oooh! It's hot down in the Georgia! can come anytime. Until then we are getting creative on how to stay cool.

This sweet thing is what I woke up to one afternoon before work. A semi naked baby chomping on an apple. Then she stole my spot! Love her Love her!