Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More than Half Way

Well...this pregnancy is flying by! Which is good and bad. Good because I know my discomfort will end in 15 weeks! And then our fella will be here. Bad because that just increases my anxiety about preparing for a baby and the thoughts of raising two children barely 2 years apart. *Deep breath*

I'm feeling rather well this time around. I haven't been nauseous or thrown up in over a month. Praise the Lord! With Molly I was sick almost every day until she graced us with her presence. My sciatic nerve doesn't give me too much trouble until the end of the day or if I do too take care of a 21 month old! I'm just so thankful our little boy is growing healthy and strong..and let me tell you. He's strong! For a little 25 weeker..a little over a pound he has some strong movements. It's odd now that I'm so far along I can compare him to my patients at work. It's wonderful to have an idea what he looks like right now, but also I just thank God that he's staying put and growing until full term...all snug and comfy..painfree.

I haven't taken too many belly pics this time much as I said I would. Here's one at 22 weeks. Man..this belly is growing and stretching! I really don't know HOW it can get any bigger over the next 15 weeks!

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