Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh Boy!

Here's some pictures of our little guy. He's pretty laid back and all cozy in there...during the ultrasound he was sound asleep and didn't want to move. The doctor said he is healthy and growing normally

Our sweet fella...his profile looks just like Molly's did

Opening and closing his sweet little mouth

Someone's very flexible (unlike his Daddy!) He kept putting his foot behind his head.

Not sure if you can make this one out but he was stretching his leg straight and holding his foot with his little hand...I thought it was so cool. ;)

And it's a BOY!! Woo hoo!

We're so thankful for this wonderful blessing God has given us. We can't wait to meet him and this pregnant Momma is already getting impatient for her comfort level to be back to normal! Hee Hee.

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